Twelve Step Prayers

Twelve Step Prayers are found throughout The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Twelve Step prayers draw upon Biblical Psalms and Prayers, as well as, other sources including Buddhism.

The book The Sermon on the Mount authored by Emmet Fox has been a long time favourite of members of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous Connection with Emmet Fox

One of the very early recovering alcoholics who worked with co-founder Bill W. was a man named Al, whose mother was secretary to Emmet Fox, a popular lecturer on New Thought philosophy. When the early groups were meeting in New York, members would frequently adjourn after a meeting and go to Steinway Hall to listen to Fox’s lecture. To this day there are AA groups that distribute Fox’s pamphlets along with Conference-approved AA literature.

You can learn more about the Emmet Fox and Alcoholics Anonymous connection here.

Daily Prayer

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