Richard Edward Ward provides services as a Intuitive Consultant and Career Life Coach. He is a Reiki Practitioner with training in the I Ching, Shamanic practice, Druidry, Tantra, and other esoteric arts therefore Intuition and Synchronicity play an important role in his work.

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A few words about Richard Edward Ward by Richard

I was born in Montreal, Quebec on February 20, 1948, and moved back in 2016.

For those of you who follow astrology, as I do, I am a Pisces with Moon in Cancer and Gemini Ascendant. According to Vedic astrology I am an Aquarian.

I am born in the year of the Rat according to Chinese astrology.

I am the eldest of 3 kids with a younger brother and sister.


Places Lived

I have lived in various cities and towns across Canada including Brockville, Burlington, Grimsby Beach, McBride Lake, Oakville, Ottawa, Toronto, Willowdale, Pictou and Halifax.

I have also lived outside of Canada in London and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England; Tangier, Morocco and Beijing, China.


I have travelled extensively throughout Canada, every province, from coast to coast as well as The Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

Foreign travel has included visiting the United States (and visiting many states), Mexico, England, Wales, Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco and China.


In China, I have travelled to the cities of Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Kunming, Shanghai, Urumqi, Wuhan and Yantai.

I am very interested in China, Chinese culture and Chinese people.


After graduating from St. Andrew’s College in Aurora, Ontario, Canada I studied Commerce and then Theology at McGill University. Some years later I studied in the Department of Communication Arts at Loyola College (Concordia University) in Montreal.

Work Experience

My first job was as a milk boy helping to deliver milk on Saturdays when I was in Grade 4.

As a kid, I delivered newspapers, mowed lawns, shovelled snow, taught swimming, lifeguard, worked on factory production lines, worked in a lumber mill on the green-chain, worked as a bouncer, waiter and bartender in a Montreal bar on Crescent Street.

Special Assistant

I have worked as a Special Assistant to a federal cabinet minister from Westmount, Quebec in the 1970’s and been an election campaign advisor in various ridings across Canada both federal and provincial. Over the years I was active in local politics in residents associations.

As a public & government relations consultant in Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax my clients included mutual fund and investment companies, international shipping group, dance company, international nightclub chain, real estate developers, manufacturing companies, government agencies and others.

Softel Incorporated

The software development and consulting company – Softel Incorporated – that I co-founded in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was partnered with Scientific Atlanta and US West Communications working on bleeding-edge VSAT and mobile communications projects, as well as complete accounting systems including inventory management.

The Reiki Store

In 1993 I co-founded The Reiki Store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada teaching Reiki, offering workshops in yoga, tai chi, shamanism, mediumship, and other subjects as well as selling books, CDs, crystals, and jewellery.

IT Headhunter

IT Headhunter provided headhunting and recruiting services in the IT vertical.

Rebuilding My Life

After a car accident and then a heart attack I have had to rebuild my life.


I am a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Survivor. In 2000 my car was rear-ended by a truck while I was stopped at a red light resulting in head injuries causing Traumatic Brain Injury and subsequently turning my life upside-down. Memory loss and cognitive issues seriously interrupted my career as a recruiter and headhunter.

Heart Attack

In 2004, 4 years after the car accident, I had a heart attack resulting in an angioplasty. As a result, recovery became a priority and I had to shut down the online job board that I had created, which was just starting to gain traction generating a steady monthly revenue.


I have studied Reiki with Reiki Masters in Minneapolis and Toronto including Komyo ReikiDo with Master James Wells, and Usui Reiki with Master Dee Millard (Level 1 & 2) and Master Anita Levin (Level 1).


Studying Tantra with Lucy Becker, and Dr.Jonn Mumford (Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) was a wonderful and enlightening experience.


Although shamans had been holding workshops in my centre/store, The Reiki Store, I didn’t really connect with shamanism until after the heart attack in 2004. I have studied shamanism with Jeannette McCullough, Martha Lucier, and Sharon van Raalte who have all studied extensively with Michael Harner and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies; as well as Mandaza Kandemwa. I have also been studying the work of Sandra Ingerman, don Miguel Ruiz and Jose Stevens.

I highly recommend the book Medicine for the Earth by Sandra Ingerman. This work is foundational to the practices of Jeannette McCullough. I doubt that I would be alive today without the healing work that I have done with them.

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