The Powerful and Essential “I Am” Decree

The powerful and essential “I Am” decree features two of the most powerful words anyone may ever utter “I Am”.

These are the formative words of creation lioness with spirit almost anything else we can say or do. Just thinking the words “I Am” invokes the universal life force given to us by Spirit – that energy that keeps us alive moment by moment.

“I” does not refer to ego or false personality but to essence. “I” is a shared “I” referring to everyone’s “I Am” state.

“I Am” is utterly personal and refers to our total uniqueness as beings. It applies to individualized consciousness platform from which we each co-create with spirit.

Paradoxically the words “I Am” is universal, referring to the “I Am” in everything. The words “I Am” are synonymous with the word essence. Each human being has an essence that is the sum total of who they have been, who they are now in this moment, and how they present themselves to the world. This essence, sometimes called soul, is the source of each person’s life. Essence is created by Spirit persons linked to the Creator.

In his most powerful teachings, the great Shaman Jesus, who always taught by example, used the words “I am” with great deliberation. “I am that I am”; “I am the resurrection and the light”; and “I am the light of the world”. Jesus, like so many great spiritual teachers, referred to meditation and prayer as the way to redemption. “If your eye be single your body will be filled with light”.

Here he refers to the process of turning the eyes upward and inward deeply within. It is not by accident that “I” the English vowel, is also the same sound as the word “eye”, the doorway to the soul. They each evoke the same thing, light. The single eye in the forehead sometimes called the Third Eye, is the “Eye” that sees “I”, not ego, but Spirit.

When praying, use the words “I Am” frequently but never to refer to something negative, only to positive aspects.

Notice that when referring do anything difficult “I Am” is never used. Negatives are referred to in the past already gone.

The above is taken from Praying With Power: How to Use Ancient Shamanic Techniques to Gain Maximum Spiritual Benefit and Extraordinary Results Through Prayer by Jose Luis Stevens, page 16.

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The powerful and essential I Am decree with Richard Edward Ward

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