The Nine Keys to Successful Prayer

According to Jose Luis Stevens, The Nine Keys to Successful Prayer are:

  1. Staying present: Unstated in the present, what’s the object of your focus were already true, there is a greater power.
  2. From the heart: Prayers stated with emotional intensity uo that propels prayers and affirmations into reality.
  3. Clear wording: Prayers that are clear, unequivocal, concise , and focused produce the best results.
  4. Praying without doubt: When you choose to pray without giving any attention or energy to doubt, affirming your trust in Spirit, thereby sending affirmative energy to creating what your soul desires. A prayer or decree can leave no room for doubt .
  5. Praying with “I Am”: An effective prayer makes frequent use of the words “I Am” focusing on the source point in the heart.
  6. Praying with inspiration: Prayers that are inspirational, dramatic, and luminous are most powerful. Prayers that entrance us with rhyme, repetition, or rhythm have the deepest influence.
  7. Praying with intent and vision: When prayers are accompanied by firm intent and Clear Vision they magnetized why is the most powerful results.
  8. Listening: Prayers that end with quiet meditation, contemplation, or listening are highly effective. The listening part result in a two-way conversation.
  9. Action: Prayers that are followed by some kind of action or application have the greatest possibility of bringing quick results.

Now that you know the nine keys to successful prayer, let us discuss the attitude that you bring to prayer, for this is immensely important in determining their outcome. Lets’s look at The Seven Levels of Prayer.

The above is taken from Praying With Power: How to Use Ancient Shamanic Techniques to Gain Maximum Spiritual Benefit and Extraordinary Results Through Prayer by Jose Luis Stevens, page 5.

Some Shamanic Prayer Basics

The Nine Keys to Successful Prayer with Richard Edward Ward

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