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Practicing Reiki in Toronto

I am practicing Reiki in Toronto. I do not do this full time but see a few clients each week.

I do Reiki treatments in a holistic spa in Chinatown in downtown Toronto. My clients often take advantage of the fact that they can receive a relaxing massage from an experienced Chinese massage therapist either before or after our Reiki treatment. A number of clients like to have the Reiki treatment begin during the last 30 minutes of a 60 minute massage. Very relaxing.

I have been a Reiki Practitioner since 1993 and had the joy of being trained by 3 wonderful Reiki Masters.

I look forward to sharing energy and the benefits of Reiki with you.

A long haul in Beijing

It has been a long haul in Beijing since October 2011, last year, when I decided to set up LookSee Communications Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Although I blogged on May 20 that the company had been established and I had received my Alien Emoployment Permit I was only issued a Residence Permit valid for some seven (7) weeks when I was expecting two years or perhaps six (6) months.

When the question “Why?” was asked the response was an oblique “There is a problem with your address.”

“What problem?

“Apply again and you will find out.” Yikes.

So I have applied again. I had an interview last Friday. The issue of the company address was discussed with me. And I have been told that I will be issued a Residence Permit but they were not sure of the length of stay. I am scheduled to pick up the Residence Permit on July 18. Two days from now.

I have spent the past weeks going from one company to another trying to find representation onky to be told that because I had had someone representing me before another company could not now pick up my file. Wow!

However I did manage to get some great advice from a company after the President stopped laughing. “Man, I have never seen a 7 week Residence Permit before. This is amazing!” He called in a couple of his consultants to show them my file. “Can I write blog about your situation?” he asked?

So I will see what happens in a few days.

In the meantime of course I have not been able to work in Beijing. Many people foreigners do work here illegally but I did not want to take any chances. So I have been cleaning up websites and re-arranging my plans and getting ready to launch a couple of new projects.

To say that the last few months has been stressful both emotionally and financially would be an understatement. But, I am here to write about it. Travel is a wonderful company to deal with when travelling to China Travel is a wonderful company to deal with when travelling to China.

I cannot speak highly enough about the great service that I have received when organizing this trio to China from the people at

Travelling to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language can be daunting at times especially when you are trying to book hotel and airline reservations. They offer friendly English speaking support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

They helped me to easily arrange my travel in China with Hainan Air and various hotels. I am continuing to rely on them as I travel in China.

Hainan Airlines is a great way to travel in China

Hainan Airlines is a great way to travel in China.

Have you tried calling an airline recently to make a reservation or select seat? How about when you are travelling in a foreign country where the language is Chinese? Well Hainan Airlines make this very easy by offering superb English language telephone support and service.

Offering service in English over the telephone is great but when you check in at the airport and get on the plane and someone is prepared to help easily in English was a pure joy to me as my Chinese is only up to about 17 words at this point in time. hahaha

And on board the aircraft things were very comfortable. Flying with Hainan Airlines reminds of what it was like to fly CP Air and Air Canada a few decades ago before they stopped chopping staffing levels on planes although I have enjoyed my time in the air with Air Canada when travelling to and from China since 2009.

Hotel Ibis Binjiang, Hangzhou – looks good BUT….

The Hotel Ibis Binjiang in Hangzhou, China looks good but there have been – for me – a few major issues that make me feel very happy that I am moving to another hotel today.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city, often called the Most Beautiful city in China. Ask most mainland Chinese about Hangzhou and they will tell you how beautiful it is. Marco Polo writes extensively about Hangzhou. The city has been wealthy and prosperous for more than 1,000 years.

I am in Hangzhou visiting my business partners, a Canadian guy and his Chinese wife. Hangzhou is her original hometown but she is now Australian by citizenship. The Hotel Ibis Binjiang is an easy walk to their condo and the price is good. They checked out the hotel for me before booking it on my behalf.

This is not my first trip to China or my first time staying in a hotel in China but it may well be the last time I will stay in a Hotel Ibis.

  • air conditioning not consistently cooling the air – Hangzhou is very humid and it is quite warm.
  • internet service is cut off at 11:30 PM until 7:00am
  • breakfast is missing a few key components – like bowls for your oatmeal

Lack of consistently working air conditioning is important to me in a humid and hot climate. No window can be opened so I can’t even open a window to enjoy the cool evening air.

When I complained to the front desk manager that the air conditioning wasn’t working he patiently explained that it was central air and was working. Notwithstanding the fact that the cleaning staff would helpfully play around with the individual controls in my room and cool, refreshing air would begin to flow. Great staff in the hotel and they are very friendly and helpful even if I struggle to trying to explain myself to them with my 17 words of Chinese.

As for having the internet cut off at 11:30 – WTF. There is a 12 hour difference between here and Toronto and 13 between here and Halifax. Prime talk time with family, friends and clients.

Anyway – bye bye Hotel Ibis Binjiang in Hangzhou.

Arrived in Hangzhou, China September 10

Arrived in Hangzhou this afternoon – September 10 – from Beijing. Stayed in Beijing last night after arriving from Toronto on an Air Canada flight that was 4 hours behind schedule. More about Air Canada later.

The Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival falls on September 12 this year and in Hangzhou three days later on the Qiantang River the Tidal Bore makes its appearance. It is also known as the Silver Dragon. My business partners apartment overlooks the Qiantang River so I will have a birds-eye view of this event.