Hainan Airlines is a great way to travel in China

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Hainan Airlines is a great way to travel in China.

Have you tried calling an airline recently to make a reservation or select seat? How about when you are travelling in a foreign country where the language is Chinese? Well Hainan Airlines make this very easy by offering superb English language telephone support and service.

Offering service in English over the telephone is great but when you check in at the airport and get on the plane and someone is prepared to help easily in English was a pure joy to me as my Chinese is only up to about 17 words at this point in time. hahaha

And on board the aircraft things were very comfortable. Flying with Hainan Airlines reminds of what it was like to fly CP Air and Air Canada a few decades ago before they stopped chopping staffing levels on planes although I have enjoyed my time in the air with Air Canada when travelling to and from China since 2009.

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