Hotel Ibis Binjiang, Hangzhou – looks good BUT….

The Hotel Ibis Binjiang in Hangzhou, China looks good but there have been – for me – a few major issues that make me feel very happy that I am moving to another hotel today.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city, often called the Most Beautiful city in China. Ask most mainland Chinese about Hangzhou and they will tell you how beautiful it is. Marco Polo writes extensively about Hangzhou. The city has been wealthy and prosperous for more than 1,000 years.

I am in Hangzhou visiting my business partners, a Canadian guy and his Chinese wife. Hangzhou is her original hometown but she is now Australian by citizenship. The Hotel Ibis Binjiang is an easy walk to their condo and the price is good. They checked out the hotel for me before booking it on my behalf.

This is not my first trip to China or my first time staying in a hotel in China but it may well be the last time I will stay in a Hotel Ibis.

  • air conditioning not consistently cooling the air – Hangzhou is very humid and it is quite warm.
  • internet service is cut off at 11:30 PM until 7:00am
  • breakfast is missing a few key components – like bowls for your oatmeal

Lack of consistently working air conditioning is important to me in a humid and hot climate. No window can be opened so I can’t even open a window to enjoy the cool evening air.

When I complained to the front desk manager that the air conditioning wasn’t working he patiently explained that it was central air and was working. Notwithstanding the fact that the cleaning staff would helpfully play around with the individual controls in my room and cool, refreshing air would begin to flow. Great staff in the hotel and they are very friendly and helpful even if I struggle to trying to explain myself to them with my 17 words of Chinese.

As for having the internet cut off at 11:30 – WTF. There is a 12 hour difference between here and Toronto and 13 between here and Halifax. Prime talk time with family, friends and clients.

Anyway – bye bye Hotel Ibis Binjiang in Hangzhou.

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