It was very good to spend the evening with Mandaza

It was very good to spend the evening with Mandaza at the Spirituality in Healthcare Network event.

He shared his wisdom and commented on a wide variety of issues.

The evening began with us connecting with the Spirits being lead by Larry Nussbaum and his drum. Larry invited those of us who wished to go to a table that he had setup and retrieve an Instrument of Mass Percussion – a wide selection of drums, rattles and so on.

We started with silence. After awhile someone began to shake a rattle. Voices sounded. Rattles and drums and so on and more voices joined in. We were connected.

Mandaza was introduced and welcomed by a number of speakers.

Mandaza spoke. He had a list of topics that had been presented to him that he had been asked to speak about. I won’t go through the whole list. I can’t remember them.

But two things, two things stuck in my mind.

One was that we need to look to the future and care for the children. All the children everywhere. We the adults are responsible. That the child who today we are throwing in prison for shooting someone with a gun was using a gun designed and produced by adults. The guns were there when s/he was born. He spoke at some length about the importance of we as adults are responsible for what the children become – all children and all adults. Worth thinking about don’t you think?

The other thing that really landed on me was the idea that while we need to take care of Mother Earth by stopping what we are doing to hurt Her through pollution and so on, that at the end of the day if we do not stop hurting Her we could all be dead BUT Mother Earth will still be here.

Mother Earth does not need us but we surely need Her. Worth thinking about I think.

The other one that really struck me was

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