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Spiritual Mind Treatment, often known as Affirmative Prayer, is a central practice in the philosophy known as Science of Mind, developed by Ernest Holmes in the early 20th century. Unlike traditional prayer, this practice does not beseech an external deity for intervention or favor. Instead, it emphasizes a cooperative relationship with an omnipresent divine force that is always available and responsive to our deepest desires and beliefs. It is a method of consciously aligning oneself with this divine presence in the pursuit of personal transformation and the realization of greater possibilities in life.

Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Science of Mind, was an influential New Thought leader, metaphysician, and writer. Born in 1887, Holmes was profoundly influenced by the ideas of Thomas Troward, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

Holmes posited that there is a “Universal Mind,” an intelligent force that pervades everything, which can be accessed and directed through our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

In his seminal work, “The Science of Mind,” Holmes outlines the principles of this philosophy and the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Five-Step Process

In its essence, Spiritual Mind Treatment is a five-step process that starts with the Recognition of the omnipresence of the Divine, then moves to the Unification with this Divine presence. The next steps involve Realization or declaration of the desired outcome, Thanksgiving or the expression of gratitude, and Release, signifying the complete trust in the process.

  1. Recognition
  2. Unification
  3. Realization
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Release

Recognition acknowledges that there is one universal power, a divine force or God, that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. It insists that this universal intelligence is in, through, and around everything, and there is nowhere it is not.

The next step, Unification, establishes a personal connection to this universal force. It emphasizes that each individual is a unique expression of the divine and inherently carries a part of this universal intelligence within themselves.

The third step, Realization, is where the practitioner declares the desired outcome as already achieved. This is based on the understanding that our thought patterns and beliefs shape our reality. Instead of asking or begging, the desired outcome is affirmed as an already present fact, aligning the power of belief with the desired outcome.

The fourth step, Thanksgiving, encourages an attitude of gratitude even before the desired outcome is manifested in the physical realm. This reaffirms the faith in the process and in the co-creative power of the individual and the Universal Mind.

The final step, Release, is the letting go of the process to the Universal Law, trusting that the intention has been heard and acted upon. It’s akin to planting a seed and trusting that it will grow in its own time.

A Practical Tool for Personal Transformation

Spiritual Mind Treatment is not just a form of prayer; it is a practical tool for personal transformation, designed to shift one’s thinking from fear, lack, and limitation to love, abundance, and infinite possibility. This transformative practice provides a road map to the recognition of our inherent divinity and the creative power of our thoughts, encouraging each of us to become conscious creators of our own lives.

In the current age, where stress and uncertainty seem to be at an all-time high, the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment offers an empowering pathway towards peace, fulfillment, and a conscious, deliberate way of living, attesting to Ernest Holmes’ timeless wisdom in his words,

“Change your thinking, change your life.”

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