Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness

Michele Blood has just published with Bob Proctor a fascinating and life changing book and audiobook Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness. There are two books in one volume that could be the magic lamp for which you have been searching!

Read and learn how to…
Become A Magnet To Money
by Bob Proctor and Michele Blood


And learn how to raise your awareness and enter…
The Sea of Unlimited Consciousness!
by Michele Blood

This book holds powerful lessons to help you become a wealthy independent soul.

If you have been on the path and feel that your spiritual studies and practices are no longer working this book may illuminate you, that is the intention.

Every book of true spiritual wisdom we have read has brought about some measure of higher awareness to our consciousness, what might be called the melting down of ice or peeling of an onion to who we really are.

Each book, seminar, or spiritual experience has been taken into consciousness and has prepared us for the next spiritual realization.

As we awaken more to the Truth of who we really, we begin to live in two worlds: one of Light and one of the so called real world. This can be a challenge to an open heart. Those who have had a true spiritual awakening, discover coming back down to earth where bills have to be paid and business conducted to be very challenging and even painful.

It changed my life. Great book, with a holistic approach to success and abundance. In my life as a scientist and also as a student for many years of eastern philosophy I found this to be the most simple explanation of great, timeless, spiritual truths about success and consciousness.

Nandini V. Katre, Ph.D.
award winning scientist and
author of “What’s Science Got To Do With It”

Become A Magnet To Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness

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