Who Am I? Who Are You?

Who am I?
Who are You?

Richard Edward Ward

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Who am I? Why was I born?”

I know that I have asked those two questions as well as other related questions.

Who am I? Who are You? - Richard Edward Ward

I have also notice over the decades that I also talk about myself in what appears to be the third person.

And I suspect that you probably do the same thing.

  • My body aches today.
  • My mind feels foggy today.
  • My arm is sore.
  • What is going on in my life?
  • I need to make up my mind.

It can go on and on.

So who is the ‘my’ that’s talking about the ‘body’ or the ‘mind’?

It seems to me that “I AM’ and I am not my body, or my mind.

What do you know or think about who you are?

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