Shakti Gawain came to the world’s attention with the publication of her first book Creative Visualization in 1978. This book, which helped launch a movement, has been used in the fields of health, education, business, sports, and creative arts for decades.

Shakti Gawain

Shakti Gawain was a pioneer in the field of personal development and internationally renowned teacher of consciousness.

Through her seminars and her books, Shakti helps people heal and develop all levels of their being — spiritual, mental, emotional, physical — and access their intuitive inner wisdom.

Sharing the ideas and practices that have helped her the most in her own life, she guided others on their path to living more consciously, facilitating us in finding deeper meaning and purpose through developing our unique gifts and abilities.

Shakti was a passionate environmentalist, who believed that as we bring more awareness to our daily lives, we can learn to live in balance on our planet.

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