Slip Sliding Away Towards Spring – I Hope

Here I am on Saturday, March 9, 2019 slip sliding away towards Spring here in Montreal – I hope.

The city is still covered in snow, the sidewalks are icy, and it is cold.

Sunday update – it is now raining and snowing.”

A beautiful wet, icy, snowy say in March in Montreal, Quebec

To make matters even more delightful DST – Daylight Savings Time – kicks-in in a few hours as the time springs forward. It is a long time overdue to stop Daylight Savings Time.

Given the cold, icy weather this video with Bob Dylan singing “Slip Sliding Away” fits the bill.

This is my first posting since I Have Been Slowly Shuffling Into 2019 on January 20, 2019 but I have been busy.

71st Birthday

I celebrated my 71st birthday on February 20 and it was a good day to be alive.

Your IT Resume

I have been busy over the past month resurrecting Your It Resume.

As my health has been getting better I have been helping a few people with resumes, so I figured the Universe was giving me a hint to take action and develop some business.

I shut down Your IT Resume quite a few years ago, but I did enjoy helping people with their resumes. Check-out the website.

Get the IT Job you want at the salary you need with Your IT Resume

Tydbytes with Tydbyte

I have also been spending some time reconnecting with Tydbyte and reorganizing Tydbytes with Tydbyte.

I first connected with Tydbyte more than 35 years ago in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She just popped into my life from the aether as I was having a drink with my friend Sam Gerzon on the 2nd floor at the Lower Deck at Historic Properties. The second floor used to be known as the Middle Deck.

For a while Tydbyte and I did a segment in a drivetime radio show with Sandy Bernard where we focused on technology and the internet.

Time will tell where things go with Tydbyte.

So that’s my update this evening as I am slip sliding away towards Spring here in Montreal – I hope.


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