Mary Anne Brundage and Mystic Harmony

I’m slowly getting caught up with my writing and one of the first things I need to write is this bit about my friend Mary Ann Brundage and Mystic Harmony a trio of which she is a part. You can visit the Mystic Harmony Page on amazon.

I arrived home from Brussels to find a package from Mary Ann, a Christmas gift, of two Mystic Harmony albums Mystic Christmas and Kindle a Flame. How thoughtful!

I have been enjoying listening to the albums often… they transport me.

Mary Ann Brundage

Mary Anne is a classically-trained musician whose first love is folk music.

She has undergraduate and masters degrees in music performance from George Mason University and has spent over a dozen years working as a professional music director for churches. All the while she had been hearing a certain musical “sound” in her head that she longed to express.

Eight years ago she was lucky enough to come together with two other people that shared a musical vision and desire to create that sound in the world as Mystic Harmony. It began a journey of weaving friendships, lives, music, collaboration, leading and being led, and constant attempts to create that “sound” that would not go away.

Each album is the next step of realizing it with more clarity and purpose. A vision that continues to unfold…

Visit the Mystic Harmony Page on amazon.

Mystic Harmony Trio

Mystic Harmony is a trio of musicians described as having beautiful voices and instrumental artistry, who began playing Celtic-influenced folk music together in 2000. They write about their music:

Our songs combine both old and new melodies with words that offer inspiration and comfort to listeners. Listening to bending and bittersweet notes and the mix of minor and major keys, we are lifted up by music that touches the heart and soul. We hope our music inspires a sense of mystery, wonder and connection for you.

Comments on Mystic Harmony Performances

“It has been some time since a vocal group has happened upon the scene to test the long standing position held by three or four of the world’s more prominent Celtic artists and performers. Mystic Harmony, a trio made up of Mary Anne Brundage, Janet Booth and Janice Mawson are very likely contenders. Their silky blending of Celtic, World and even, yes, opera on their new album Kindle a Flame will lull you into a megacosm of sweet emotion and crystalline beauty. Traditional Celtic songs, hymns, instrumentals, and folk music are their mainstay. Their cathedral-filling sound and elaborate echoing arrangements are contemplative and uplifting. I think that Mystic Harmony has hit upon a winning combination of songs and instrumentals that testify daily that there is still a strong dependence on faith in the world. There is always hope. Kindle a Flame is one of the best debut CDs I’ve heard in a while.” – RJ Lannan, The New Age Reporter

“When I first received Kindle a Flame by Mystic Harmony, I was already dreading listening to it. With a name like Mystic Harmony, I thought I was in for some new-age torture. Am I ever so glad that I was wrong! I was caught off guard by Mystic Harmony’s three beautiful voices and, as a lover of Celtic music, I instantly knew I had a CD treasure in my possession…If you enjoy Celtic music and can appreciate strong, passionate, yet spiritual harmonizing vocals, you now know about some mystics that can kindle your flame.” – Wil Owen, Rambles (cultural arts magazine)

“The band Mystic Harmony played to a SRO crowd at Jammin’ Java…CDs were flying off the shelves after the concert.” – Daniel Brindley, Jammin’ Java music club, Vienna VA

“Celtic inspirational music is the theme that Mystic Harmony explores throughout “Kindle a Flame”. They beckon you to take a journey, and a spiritual one at that, towards the center of your soul via their enigmatic melodies and lush instrumentation. Peaceful and cathartic, Mystic Harmony reside in Northern Virginia and have played Celtic-inspired folk music and ambient New Age for years. Truly an album that will make your body tingle.” – J-Sin, Smother Magazine

Check ’em Out

Visit the Mystic Harmony Page on amazon.

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