Creating the future starts by looking forward

Creating the future starts by looking forward.

Creating the future with an open mind

You can never create the future by targeting the present writes Greg Satel in his article The Next Big Thing Usually Starts Out Looking Like Nothing At All published on

He points out that the great inventors and innovators were explorers.

“Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Charlie Bennett and countless others never had any idea what the practical consequences of their discoveries would be, because none of their ideas had any relevance to work being done at the time. They were, much like Columbus or Magellan, explorers more than anything else.”

It is all about opening our minds.

As Satel writes “Yet that is exactly the point. Innovation needs exploration. We can never create the future by targeting the present, but must imagine new possibilities. Those, almost by definition, seem utterly impractical today.”

So don’t worry about whether your so called day dreaming is practical or impractical. Let your mind loose to explore and see where it takes you.

If you are exploring your future and trying to discover the best path to follow you may find it helpful to use me as a Sounding Board. Give me a call.

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