A long overdue post

I haven’t blogged here since November 30, 2009. Yikes.

Recently I have been having a rough time with issues related to Acquired Brain Injury such as losing track of what I need to do especially projects. It has been as if on some things I have been in a suspended state where I am able to see what has to be done but cannot figure out the first step to take – it has been overwhelming.

So I have been cutting back on just about everything and clearing away a lot of web projects that have been ongoing but going nowhere AND constantly taking time and energy on my part. Sort of spring cleaning.

The result has been that I am getting going again although I have a number of clients who not happy with me at all. I mean HOW do you explain this stuff that I have been going through to people? Hell most medical professionals don’t have a clue about this stuff. Oh dear….hehehe Well at least I can still laugh about things.

So here I am writing.

I have moved this blog from one hosting platform to another. I had 5 hosting platforms with different companies and I am now down to 2. I have let a number of domains go by not renewing them. Just now mapping out what do do with a number of other websites. I already feel less stress and less overwhelmed.

Lots to do.

Need to write some words about my trip to China last year and my upcoming trip to China this September.

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