You Need a DNR – Do Not Resusciate – Order with You

After we are born there is only one given – one day we will die.

The question is – how will we die. Will we die peacefully or will we die being tortured?

Having been in emergency a few times myself and then surgery I know how I don’t want to die.

If you have friends who are emergency room doctors or nurses, or paramedics ask them how not to die.

Have a DNR – Do Not Resuscitate – order in writing with you when you are older – like me.

I do not want my last minutes in this particular body and reincarnation to end like this poor 90 year old woman who was dearly loved :

“She briefly regained a pulse and then died for the fourth and final time, with a tube in her trachea and esophagus, every rib broken, a needle in each side of her chest, IVs in each arm, special intravascular devices to each groin, and a catheter up her urethra.

I wish I could bestow my entire medical knowledge on patients and families before they ask to have “everything done”. They cannot possibly understand what they ask me to do to the ones they love.”

She rolled in to Resuscitation Bay One an ashen grey…continue reading…

How about you?

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