Elder Voice – ramblings, rants and perhaps a few great ideas from Richard E. Ward

Here you will find some ramblings, rants and perhaps a few ideas from Richard E. Ward – a senior citizen according to Canadian and other societies and a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor.

I prefer the term Elder because ‘senior citizen’ seems like a way to get rid of people after a certain age and dismiss them.

I have a wide variety of interests. I am particularly interested in finding and implementing ways to make Canadian society better and more comfortable for Canadians. There is no reason for any Canadian citizen to not have a comfortable place to live, food to eat, comprehensive health care and a reasonable income. I will be exploring areas such as:

  • affordable housing;
  • dental care – why isn’t dental care provided for all citizens;
  • financial services concentration – we need to breakup the concentration of financial services;
  • guaranteed minimum income – every one should have a basic annual guaranteed income;
  • health care – health care should be national in coverage not provincial;
  • legalize drugs – marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. should all be legal and available through government controlled stores;
  • media concentration – news papers, radio stations, TV and internet services shoul dnot be owned a single corporate entity;
  • pharmacare – drugs and medication should be provided to all citizens;
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