Your IT Resume Writing Service Has Been Relaunched

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I am again helping information technology professionals, and others, get the IT job they want with the salary they need with the relaunch of Your IT Resume Writing Service now online at

I spent many years working in information technology. I was a partner in a software development and consulting company, an IT Headhunter, and for a number of years ran a job board focused on information technology. I have spent a lot of time helping people to write resumes over those years.

A Custom Resume Writing Service

Your IT Resume Writing Service is a unique, custom resume writing service. This custom resume writing service combines my Sounding Board job search coaching to create a resume that will help to get job seekers invited to more job interviews and get hired for, the information technology job they want at the salary they need.

Your IT Resume Writing Service is a unique, custom resume preparation service that delivers a complete suite of 7 proven IT job search tools including:

7 deliverables including resume and job search coaching
  1. Resume
  2. Your IT Resume Executive Summary Resume (a 1 or 2 page resume)
  3. Resume Cover Letter
  4. IT Technical Skills Summary
  5. Job References
  6. LinkedIn Profile Review and advice
  7. PLUS Sounding Board Job Search Coaching.

By carefully developing the content, strategy and approach best suited to your background, Your IT Resume will help you to stimulate the interest of many employers and generate job interviews for you.

This Is Not A Resume Editing Service

This is not a resume editing or resume tweaking service. It is much more. You are also coached and guided on how to prepare a resume for yourself in the future as your career advances as we work together carefully crafting Your IT resume.

Your IT Resume Writing Service takes a unique approach because you are unique.

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Your IT Resume Writing Service can be found at:

I look forward to writing helpful blog posting about job search strategies and reviewing interesting books and articles.

Your IT Resume - Get the It job you want at the salary you need

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