Intuitive Intelligence: Make Life-Changing Decisions with Perfect Timing by Paul O’Brien is a unique book about discovering and living out one’s destiny.

Author Paul O’Brien distills a lifetime of business and personal challenges, risk-taking, adventure, and trial-and-error into an eloquently articulated process for making the best strategic decisions with an ever-improving sense of timing. His true stories of lessons learned will intrigue and delight the reader, while the presentation of the skills required to become a visionary decision maker captivate and motivate.

Intuitive Intelligence by Paul O'Brien

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What happens when a longing for creative freedom, perseverance and good timing come together? What if you focused on what fascinates you, then mastered some skills, including the art of making the right moves at the right time? The answer is a life filled with greater joy, contentment, creativity, and wisdom.

Visionary Decision Making

O’Brien’s elegant Visionary Decision Making process and philosophy clearly defines the essential skills of intuition-driven decision-making and teaches readers how to take charge of their life and make better decisions that move them toward the realization of their goals or dreams.

In Intuitive Intelligence: Make Life-Changing Decisions with Perfect Timing, you will learn how to:

  • Better know thyself. Discover what fascinates you and let that motivate you. Understand what turns on your creative imagination or desire to be of service.
  • Fine-tune your intuitive antenna. Create the space for intuitive insights to be received by turning down the noise of the five senses allowing for the perception of subtle, synchronistic signals.
  • Leverage synchronicities to effect change within yourself. A synchronistic happening is a unique opportunity to receive information from the ever-present realm of Infinite Intelligence, beyond the box of linear thinking.
  • Channel archetypes of power. Call forth your inner Hero, the Sovereign, the Warrior, the Magician, the Lover and put them to work!
  • Develop intuition rituals. Learn how to use guided meditations and the I Ching (Book of Changes) as aids for cultivating and activating Intuitive Intelligence when you need it most.
  • Adopt visionary beliefs. Own and always be upgrading your operating assumptions (beliefs).
  • Execute your decisions with patient timing, trusting in the process and yourself. Perseverance furthers and mastery is the reward. Like compound interest, the more you trust intuition the easier it gets to notice and interpret those unique moments.

These skills are a road map for creating what the author calls the Synchronistic Lifestyle – the ability to download creative power and inspiration from Infinite Intelligence to give rise to greater joy, contentment, wisdom and grace.

You are your own leader.

It begins with awareness and attitude, and ends with decision-making and executed action.

A positive attitude and the belief that there are no accidents—supported by an activated intuition—will help you ensure a much smoother and more joyful path toward your unique personal destiny.

Intuitive Intelligence by Paul O'Brien

Buy Intuitive Intelligence on amazon.

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