Dr. Paul Leon Masters was a teacher, counsellor, and mystic who founded the International Metaphysical Ministry, the University of Metaphysics, and the University of Sedona.

Dr. Paul Leon Masters

As far back as he could remember, Paul Leon Masters was drawn to the mysteries of life, the Universe, the mind, the soul, and the presence of a higher intelligence, or God, behind creation.

Contributions to Mystical Psychology

His contributions to the field of mystical psychology were those of a trail-blazer.

He deservedly earned recognition as the world’s foremost teacher of metaphysical doctors, teachers, and ministers, offering self-paced, distance learning degree programs in Holistic, New Thought, Theocentric, Transcendent, and Transpersonal Metaphysics.

But the most important achievements of all Dr. Paul Masters’ efforts were the support and advancement of higher consciousness research, education, and advanced New Thought Metaphysics.

Metapyshics and Universities

Paul Masters founded the University of Metaphysics (1976). He then founded the International Metaphysical Ministry (1989) to accommodate the world-wide interest and enrollment in his courses. Five years after that, he founded the University of Sedona (2003).

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