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In The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace, don Miguel Ruiz explores the concept of impeccability of the word as a simple, yet potent prescription for countering the judgmental inner voice of knowledge.

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The Voice of Knowledge is the fourth book in the Toltec Wisdom series.

With The Voice of Knowledge, don Miguel Ruiz continues to lead us more deeply into the depths of our inner universe, allowing us to see more clearly if we but look. don Miguel Ruiz reminds us of a profound yet simple truth: The only way to end emotional suffering and restore joy in living is to stop believing in lies – mainly about ourselves.

He refers to the forbidden tree of knowledge, likening the abandonment of the true self to the fall from heaven. This fall, he says, occurred because of the loss of “the impeccability of the word,” that simple yet potent prescription for countering the judgmental inner “Voice of Knowledge.”

Adhering to “the word” – saying only what one means, refusing to speak against one’s self – allows anyone to quiet those inner tyrannical thoughts so that we can become aware of our Voice of Integrity. Knowledge then becomes an ally, and life becomes an expression of the authentic self.

The Four Agreements is written in such a way that we seem, almost instantly, to remember what we are being told; to immediately understand.

The Voice of Knowledge is a bit trickier than that but also, I think better for that. It too is a revelation. This is a book that one picks up and immediately feels the clicking of light-bulbs over the head….but they are not necessarily shades of light we are comfortable sitting in. This is a book of questions and some people are not comfortable with questions, particularly when they are questions they seem to somehow remember, just as the Agreements are answers we somehow remember.

Within this book, you will find great wisdom. And by applying this wisdom, which is very simple actually, you can stop sabotaging yourself, stop beating yourself up, dispel whatever negativity you have accumulated. It’s true. And, as he says,

We are born in truth, but we grow up believing in lies…one of the biggest lies in the story of humanity is the lie of our imperfection.

The Four Agreements opens a door for us.

The Voice of Knowledge opens our ears and our eyes and is available for download from amazon.

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