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Web Hosting

Web hosting for richardedwardward.com is provided by Web Hosting Canada – WHC.ca.

I have used a number of web hosting providers over the last 25 years and WHC is simply excellent.

Support 24/7

WHC is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as am I.

WHC.ca provides support 24/7 by telephone, chat, and email. The support is friendly and very helpful.

Web Hosting Canada

One of the things that attracted me to WHC.ca, when I was looking for a new web hosting provider in 2016, was that they were happy to answer my questions before I signed up. They didn’t try and push me to sign up.

About This Website

WP Stats Dashboard is a very useful plugin

I have just recently added the WP Stats Dashboard plugin to my blogs. For me this a very useful plugin.

From the WordPress site the following has been written:

Display your blog’s stats graph plus your blog traffic, social engagement and social influence directly in your dashboard. See how you’re ranking on Alexa, check out your Technorati authority, monitor your ranking across multiple sites and much more. Once you install this plugin you’ll wonder how you ever managed to track your social media worth without it.

Notable features:

Lots of stats dashboard widgets
Tracking 50+ social metrics
Trending social metrics over time.
Autopost to Amplify and Posterous.
Sidebar widgets: social metrics, social profiles, total views, graph views per day
Profile finder.
Export Social Trends to excel.
iGoogle gadget.
Iphone App Available