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Manly Palmer Hall

Manly Palmer Hall was a Canadian-born author, lecturer, astrologer, mystic and founder in 1934 of The Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, which he dedicated to the “Truth Seekers of All Time”, with a research library, lecture hall and publishing house.

Manly Palmer Hall - The Philosophical Research Society

The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Manly P Hall is best known for his 1928 work The Secret Teachings of All Ages. The full title of the book is An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy: Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories and Mysteries of all Ages

World Travel & Study

Hall travelled around the world in the 1920s to study the lives, customs, and religions of countries in Asia and Europe. During the early 1930s Hall traveled to France and England, where he acquired his most extensive collection of rare books and manuscripts in alchemy and esoteric fields from London auctioneer, Sotheby & Company.

Over his 70-year career, he gave thousands of lectures, including two at Carnegie Hall, and published over 150 volumes. Many of his lectures can be found online and his books are still in print.

The Philosophical Research Society

The Philosophical Research Society (PRS) is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1934, by Manly Palmer Hall, to promote the study of the world’s wisdom literature. Hall believed the accumulated wisdom of mankind is the birthright of every individual and founded the facility to serve the general public to this end.

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Prayer for Forgiveness

This prayer, the Prayer for Forgiveness is an excerpt from Prayers: A Communion with our Creator by don Miguel Ruiz.

“Today, Creator, grant me the courage and the will to forgive the people I love the most. Help me to forgive every injustice I feel in my mind, and to love other people unconditionally. I know the only way to heal all the pain in my heart is through forgiveness.

Today, Creator, strengthen my will to forgive anyone who has hurt me, even if I believe the offense is unforgivable. I know that forgiveness is an act of self-love. Help me to love myself so much that I forgive every offense. Let me choose forgiveness because I don’t want to suffer every time I remember the offense.

Today, Creator, help me to heal all the guilt in my heart by accepting the forgiveness of everyone I have hurt in my life. Help me to sincerely recognize the mistakes I have made out of ignorance, and give me the wisdom and determination to refrain from making the same mistakes. I know that love and forgiveness will transform every relationship in the most positive way.

Thank you, Creator, for giving me the capacity to love and forgive. Today I open my heart to love and forgiveness, so that I can share my love without fear. Today I will enjoy a reunion with the people I love most. Amen. “