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The Moon Void of Course

As the Moon orbits the earth it passes through the signs of the zodiac. Every lunar month it travels through all twelve sign, passing through each sign in more than two, but less than three days. When the Moon gets near the end of each sign, it goes beyond the last major aspect, or connection, with another planet. From the time of the last major aspect until the Moon moves into the next sign of the zodiac, the Moon is said to be “Void of Course.”

The interval when the Moon is void of course might last only a few seconds or minutes of time, or it could last for a day or two. The duration depends on the location of the planets and their interactions.

The period while the Moon is void of course is a time when people can feel very “unconnected” and without direction. It is therefore, an ideal time to focus on centering or drawing attention inward. Until the Moon enters the next sign, it is wise to avoid making important decisions. Judgment at this time is probably faulty. Decisions tend to be unrealistic and/or subject to unknown factors. New paths are likely to be plagued with false starts, errors and unanticipated hassles and delays.

During Moon void of course, actions produce unexpected results. Creative efforts go in unexpected directions. Contracts, promises or new laws bring on difficulties. Purchases prove to be unsatisfactory or the object simply does not fulfill its intention. Routines involving no decisions will usually go well, but often require corrections later. Delays and frustrations are common. The period while the Moon is void of course is really a time to “kick back,” to let life flow and to avoid difficulties.

In U.S presidential campaigns, the candidates Thomas Dewey (who lost), Richard Nixon (in 1960 when he lost to John F. Kennedy), Barry Goldwater (who lost really badly) and poor George McGovern (who did not win) were all nominated while the Moon was void of course. In fact every candidate from the two major parties who was nominated for the presidency from 1900 through 1972 while the Moon was void of course was defeated.

In 1972 Richard Nixon was reelected for a second term as President. However, his fateful and doomed reelection occurred while the Moon was void of course. Nixon’s replacement, Gerald Ford, became president by succession, not election, and he was sworn in during a period when the Moon was void of course. Jimmy Carter’s second (1980) nomination occurred during the Moon void of course. And Al Gore’s 2000 nomination occurred while the Moon was void of course.

In Ontario last year, when Ernie Eves called the fall election, he did so at a time when the Moon was void of course! Ronald Regan, who was much influenced by his wife Nancy’s belief in astrology always made announcements which he considered to be unpopular when the Moon was void of course because people would be less likely to pay attention to them

The important guideline for Moon void of course periods is to not be involved in concerns beyond your spiritual center. Moon void of course is a time for subjective, spiritual, non-materialistic concerns. Don’t push the river! But if you do have to go to an important business meeting, be sure to take very careful notes!

Once the Moon enters the next sign it is no longer void of course. If the void of course period was a time off from business, giving attention to relaxation and spiritual growth, then period can more effectively go back to dealing with the affairs of the day-to-day material world.