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TBI Weariness

David Grant the founder and publisher of TBI Hope & Inspiration wrote this and posted it on Facebook. It struck a chord with me so I am sharing it here on my blog.

TBI Weariness is unlike weariness in my past life – a life now forever over.

In the old days, the days before everything changed, I could shake it off.

A hot shower and a good meal and I was ready to rock ‘n roll.

But not so anymore.

TBI weariness is a level of unfathomable exhaustion.

You want to simply put your head down for a while… and not come back.

Small tasks take Herculean effort.

And I’d be angry at my TBI – if I had the energy to even be angry.

Brain fog clouds my vision, thoughts scattered.

It all to often feels like it’s always been like this.

And always will be.

I long for a break from the perpetual and unending exhaustion.

“What’s it like to wake up refreshed,” I wonder.

“What’s it like to actually sleep through the night?”

I try to live life like I used to.

When I was whole.

Before I was broken.

On the good days, I pay a steep price.

Steeper than most will never know.

Trying to appear unbroken takes work – a lot of work.

On the tough days, the price paid is torturous.

Never a day off, forever part of the two words that sometimes

I really hate.

“New Normal.”

Got two pieces of news for you.

This is NOT normal.


I’m as eligible as you to at times crumble under the weight of this all.

Sometimes I just need to vent.