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Gaining a new perspective can be life-changing. I know it has been for me when I did work with great coaches such as Michael Bungay Stanier, Jose Stevens, and others. Following are a number of testimonials from clients who have gained new perspectives while working with me. As a result, they began experiencing adventures in …

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Working Together

When we are working together, our time together is precious. Over the decades I have developed some basic terms and conditions for managing our scheduled Sounding Board Career Coaching Sessions so that our time together provides you with maximum benefits. Being in the moment, when we meet is our goal – no matter how elusive …

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Free Introductory Conversation

You can get new perspectives and experience adventures in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life for you. Our first 15 minutes together are FREE. Our Introductory Conversation serves as the starting point and foundation for us working together with Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching. Your Introductory Conversation with me is free. Let’s …

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Ask Me! Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling with Richard can help you to get new perspectives and experience adventures in growth. Give Richard a call and find out how you can take steps leading to a more productive and fulfilling life with your career, in your business, and in your life in general with Richard Edward Ward. Step outside your …

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About Richard Edward Ward

Richard Edward Ward provides services as a Intuitive Counsellor and Career Life Coach. He is a Reiki Practitioner with training in Affirmative Prayer, Shamanic practice, meditation, Ho’oponopono, I Ching, Tantra, and other esoteric arts therefore Intuition and Synchronicity play an important role in his work. My Points of Reference My Teachers, Guides, & Mentors Reconnecting …

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