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The Power Path by Jose Luis Stevens and Lena Stevens

In The Power Path: The Shaman’s Way to Success in Business and Life by Jose Luis Stevens and Lena Stevens, based on years of study with shamans, share a new way of thinking about the nature of power. By applying shamanic traditions of power to the workplace, readers learn how to improve work relationships, understand employees’ strengths and limitations, and inspire effective teamwork — techniques aimed ultimately at increasing business success.

According to José Stevens and Lena Stevens, business leaders and shamans share many important traits: the abilities to solve problems, to achieve goals, to see the big picture, and to forecast events. What their previous book, Secrets of Shamanism, did for the growth of the individual, The Power Path does for the growth of business managers and entrepreneurs.

Table of Comtents – The Power Path

Take a looksee at the Table of Contents of The Power Path:

    • Chapter 1. What Power Is
    • Chapter 2. The Basic Shamanic Rules of Power
    • Chapter 3. How Shamans See the World
    • Chapter 4. The Shamanic Flow of Power
    • Chapter 5. The Four Sources of Power
    • Chapter 6. The Neutrality of Power
    • Chapter 7. The Proper Timing of Power
    • Chapter 8. Bidding for Power
    • Chapter 9. The Price of Power
    • Chapter 10. The Five Shamanic Values
    • Chapter 11. The Seven Expressions of Power
    • Chapter 12. Doing and Being
    • Chapter 13. The Two States of Attention
    • Chapter 14. Visible and Invisible Power
    • Chapter 15. The Path with Heart
    • Chapter 16. Staying on the Path with Heart
    • Chapter 17. The Four Aspects of Communication
    • Chapter 18. The Three Primary Styles of Communication
    • Chapter 19. The Power of Teams
    • Chapter 20. Team Configurations
    • Chapter 21. Connecting for Power
    • Chapter 22. Attention, Intention, and Re-intending
    • Chapter 23. The Power of Seeing
    • Chapter 24. Stalking the Prey
    • Chapter 25. Requirements of a Successful Stalker
    • Chapter 26. The Primary Principles of Stalking
  • Conclusion

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Shamanism & Shamanic Practice

Learn more about shamanism and shamanic practice by visiting these pages:

Intuitive Consulting Session

An Ask Me! Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching Session with Richard has 3 parts plus Follow-Up. We meet using the phone or Skype.

We have already talked to each other during the Introductory Conversation and completed our preparatory work together so we are ready to dive in and explore.

Let’s take a looksee at the steps in the Sounding Board Coaching process. The three (3) parts are:

  1. Preparation before session
  2. Meditation
  3. Conversation

1 – Preparation Before Session

Before you call-in begin to think about what it is that you want to explore in the session.

Make notes.

Write down the question you want to talk about.

There is nothing like writing something down – by hand on paper – to help find clarity.

Writing in your Journal is a good idea.

2 – Meditation

We begin our session after you call in with a brief 3-minute meditation.

Although this is only a very brief meditation, ihis serves to help us clear our minds, bring our minds into the moment, and get insync with each other and our intuition.

3 – Conversation

During a Sounding Board session:

  • I listen to you – to your ideas and opinions.
  • I give my perspective if needed.
  • I give you my feedback.
  • I give back to you the ideas that come to me from what you are talking about.

This process is often referred to as brainstorming.

Hear Yourself

Many times what we all need is simply for someone to listen to us, to let us talk out loud with someone to listen, so that we can hear ourselves think.

We need to ‘get out of our head’ and listen to ourselves. We need to hear ourselves.

As we talk out loud about our ideas we can often hear ourselves think.

As we listen the answer we need often comes to mind.

Sometimes it because a question that I have asked has served as a catalyst.


After an Intuitive Consulting Session questions and ideas will often bubble into our minds. Often the same day or later. When this happens write in your journal. After sleeping on the questions, ideas, and thoughts you may want to have a brief 10 minute chat.

The starting point, and foundation, for working with clients is a free 20 minute Introductory Conversation.

Book a time with me and we will talk.

How we can work together

Over the decades I have developed some basic terms and conditions for managing our scheduled sounding board and consulting sessions so that our time together provides you with maximum benefits. Please review these Sounding Board terms and conditions.

Ask Me! Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching

Ask Me! Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching - Richard Edward Ward