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Gaining a new perspective can be life-changing. I know it has been for me when I did work with great coaches such as Michael Bungay Stanier, Jose Stevens, and others.

Following are a number of testimonials from clients who have gained new perspectives while working with me. As a result, they began experiencing adventures in growth in their lives and businesses.

From teaching to a new career in my own business

I was stuck and frustrated in a college teaching job and going nowhere. Richard helped me to see myself in a new light.

With a new perspective I launched my own consulting business. I am happy and earning more money than ever.

But be forewarned that gaining a new perspective can be disrupting and uncomfortable. Richard may challenge your self-view – I once slammed my computer shut and walked out of our meeting. Hahaha. What an aha moment.

Ken B – Marketing Consultant IT – Toronto

From Syria to a new life in Montreal

My uncle introduced me to his friend Richard just after I arrived in Montreal in 2019 from Syria, after 3 years in Turkey.

I wasn’t sure what some old guy like Richard (71) could do for a young guy (27) like me.

Wow! Before even meeting me he had arranged for me to share the Wi-Fi with someone in my building. I could talk with my friends again.

He invited me out for coffee. He was so easy to talk with. The coffee shop closed. Where had the last 2 hours gone?

Even though I was coming into a community in Montreal where I could connect with an extended family, and the church, having someone like Richard to open my eyes to Canadian, and Montreal, and Quebec culture has been wonderful.

I was feeling lost. My Arabic and English skills would not help me get a computer job in Montreal. I am now taking French classes.

I have been gaining new perspectives about myself. Of course, as that happens everything in my world looks different and I now feel hopeful about my future.

Thanks Richard.

George N – Montreal

An off-the-wall Sounding Board

Over the years Richard’s off the wall thinking and insights have helped our business to find areas of income and profit that would never have occurred to us.

Harvey S – Venture Capital – Halifax

Out of chaos & tears a new career

A new and wonderful life unfolded for me when Richard helped me to look at myself from a new perspective.

From decades of apparent chaos I saw myself in a new light.

I went back to school. Got a degree. I have started a new career that has drawn on, and integrated, my healing skills to help people hear their world in a new way.

I now own a house. Who would have thought?

KS – Audiologist – Toronto

Great sounding board

Over the years our management team has come to rely on Richard’s insights when hiring – or not hiring – technical and sales professionals to join our teams.

Kevin T – President – Software manufacturer – Toronto

From China to new career and life in Canada

Since coming to Canada from China, Richard has helped me to appreciate and adopt to the cultural differences in Canadian culture. Of course the fact that he lived in Beijing and travelled throughout China means that he understands aspects of Chinese culture.

He advised me as I was looking for work as I was graduating from university.

His resume advice got me interviews. He then guided me through the offers I received. I have a wonderful new career.

He also introduced me to a qualified and thoughtful immigration consultant who has been instrumental in getting my application back on track.

I seek his advice and counsel monthly as a sounding board.

CY – SAP Consultant – Halifax

From chaos in Yemen to a new life

I don’t know how I would have navigated the past 12 months since I arrived in Montreal from Yemen without the advice and counsel of Richard.

A mutual friend introduced us and we easily connected. He was interested in my Muslim culture and my experience.

He has provided me with cultural insights about Canada, Quebec, and Montreal that have helped me to gain a new perspective on my new home. And related it to where I have come from.

Richard’s resume advice helped to get job interviews, and job offers, and a new job.

Meeting him has been a blessing.

Thank you Richard.

FA – Student – Montreal

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