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Dogs on drugs

People are giving drugs Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac to their dogs and other pets to calm them down. To stop them barking for instance. Blows my mind.

Can you imagine?

I was buying some tea at Tealish at 198 Walnut Ave. just south of Queen Street here in Toronto. I bought some Rooibos (also known as Red Bush, or Red Tea) a herbal tea that grows wild in South Africa and it is naturally caffeine-free. I’m enjoying some now. Yum!

So back to barking dogs.

I started chatting with another customer whose dog started barking as she walked into the store. Apparently Jake, a one year old puppy, had just started doing this. She was looking for ways to help him stop doing this. In the course of our conversation she mentioned that she was doing a film about Dogs on Drugs. I said your’re kidding. She said no she wasn’t.

Apparently some people have begun to give their dogs drugs such as Prozac to calm them down so they would not bark.

Are these people brain dead?

And who is selling them the Prozac?