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5 Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment

5 Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment by Dr. John Waterhouse is a gem of a book that is a clear, well-organized, and beautifully articulated introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a five-step mental and spiritual thought process from Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind that first redirects harmful thinking patterns away from the problem, then places the mind in total alignment with the divine Mind through the use of self-affirming terms.

5 Steps to freedom by John Waterhouse

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5 STEPS TO FREEDOM introduces Spiritual Mind Treatment an integral part of The Science of Mind and New Thought way of life in terms that help the beginner transition from praying the traditional one-way method, to personally directing the process on a positive course of action. This proactive method of prayer looks at life with a new set of eyes, reinforcing the personal relationship with God from a fresh perspective and a new understanding.

In this book, each step is carefully considered followed by exercises that develop the personal application and expression of that step. Waterhouse explores each of the five steps with wisdom, insight and good information. He compares and contrasts old and new paradigm concepts, offers examples and exercises, and references relevant Ernest Holmes quotes at the end of each chapter.

Spiritual Mind Treatments / Affirmative Prayers

Affirmative Prayer – Spiritual Mind Treatment

Affirmative Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment, from The Science of Mind is not about convincing God to do something for us. It is becoming aware of the God presence within us.

During the process of Affirmative Prayer we come to the realization that within the universe there is one Infinite, Universal Presence that permeates everything, and therefore this Presence, being everywhere, has to be right within us, as well.

With this attitude of mind we reach an acceptance of new possibilities in life, we are able to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and speak of the good we desire as already ours. Then we let the universe work its magic.

The 5 Steps of Affirmative Prayer / Spiritual Mind Treatment

The Science of Mind provides us with 5 steps to use when using Affirmative Prayer / Spiritual Mind Treatment.

    Recognize God as the ultimate, limitless Presence and Power in the universe. God is all there is.
    After recognizing God as the ultimate Presence and Power in and through everything, you now accept that you and God are one. You know God acts through you, as you, in you, and in all life. I am one with God, now.
    Already knowing that you are part of God, you realize without doubt or reservation that the good you desire to experience is now taking form through God’s Power. I know my desire is complete and I accept.
    Having clearly stated and affirmed what you want to experience, you thankfully accept that the good you desire is yours right now. I accept and give thanks for this good right here and now.
  5. RELEASE (I Let Go and Let God)
    After thankfully accepting your good as already accomplished, you release your prayer to the activity of the Universal Law of Mind, completely freeing yourself of concern. I let go and let God. I release this truth in total belief that it is done.

At the end of every Spiritual Mind Treatment, we say the words “And so it is.

These words let us release our treatment out of our hands with total conviction that we BELIEVE and KNOW that what we desire is already done through the Power of God.


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Louise Lynn Hay

Louise Lynn Hay was an American motivational author who is known for her books on New Thought. She wrote and published her first book You Can Heal Your Life in 1984. She is the founder of Hay House.

Loise Hay @ Richard Edward Ward

Louise became a Religious Science practitioner in the early 1970s studying the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes. She began leading workshops where she led people in working with spoken affirmations to help them cure their illnesses. Louise became popular as a workshop leader.

Louise also studied Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa.

Hay House

Hay House is a publisher, founded in 1984 by Louise Hay, focused on New Thought, body, mind, spirit, self-help, personal growth, and alternative medicine.

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Prayer is something that almost everyone does when things are tough and they are overwhelmed – even if they don’t want to admit to praying.

There are some prayer basics found in in every culture, religion, and spiritual tradition around the world.

I come from an Anglican (Christian) tradition and I studied Theology at McGill University. I have also experienced a number of different Buddhist, and Taoist traditions, as well as Hindu Sanskrit Mantra practice but I have been immersed in Shamanism for some 20 years.

I am going to be exploring prayer in these pages using approaches to pray and prayers that I have learned in a number of different traditions including Anglicanism, Pure Land Buddhism, Science of Mind, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Shamanism.

What is Prayer?

What is prayer? Prayer is an intensely personal communication with a higher source of power. For some this power maybe experienced as God, Creator, Great Spirit,Universal Mind, and so forth. For others it may be a personal deity or saint.

Prayers no matter what the culture deal with the most intense human needs and experiences including entreaties for material benefits, supplications for blessings, requests for opportunities, honouring Spirit, unburdening grief, releasing guilt, unloading afflication, woshipping, affirmaing desires, offering gratitude, wishing for escape from pain and suffering, and decreeing how things will be.

People of all races, genders, creeds, and cultures pray in many forms and styles.

Exploring Prayer

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Reconnecting with Our Inner Spirit and Power Within

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New Thought

Over the years I have studied New Thought as well as attending services at Unity Church as well as the Centre for Spiritual Living formerly Church of Religious Science (based on the teachings found in the Science of Mind).

While there are a number of New Thought paths, New Thought, sometimes known as Higher Thought, understands that Infinite Intelligence, or God, is everywhere, and that spirit is the totality of real things.

New Thought is first and foremost governed by the simple principle that when we change our thinking, we change our lives.

As a spiritual path New Thought encompasses a variety of approaches rooted in different cultures which promote a practical approach to life resulting in increased health, joy, abundance and success.

Furthermore, New Thought sees that true human selfhood is divine, divine thought is a force for good, sickness originates in the mind, and “right thinking” has a healing effect.

New Thought Principles

The Principles of New Thought may be views as:

  1. We affirm God as Mind, Infinite Being, Spirit, and Ultimate Reality.
  2. We affirm that God, the Good, is supreme, universal, and everlasting.
  3. We affirm the unity of God and humanity, in that the divine nature dwells within and expresses through each of us, by means of our acceptance of it, as health, supply, wisdom, love, life, truth, power, beauty, and peace.
  4. We affirm the power of prayer and the capacity of each person to have mystical experience with God, and to enjoy the grace of God.
  5. We affirm the freedom of all persons as to beliefs, and we honor the diversity of humanity by being open and affirming of all persons, affirming the dignity of human beings as founded on the presence of God within them, and, therefore, the principle of democracy.
  6. We affirm that we are all spiritual beings, dwelling in a spiritual universe that is governed by spiritual law, and that in alignment with spiritual law, we can heal, prosper, and harmonize.
  7. We affirm that our mental states are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience in daily living.
  8. We affirm the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven here and now.
  9. We affirm expression of the highest spiritual principle in loving one another unconditionally, promoting the highest good for all, teaching and healing one another, ministering to one another, and living together in peace, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus and other enlightened teachers.
  10. We affirm our evolving awareness of the nature of reality and our willingness to refine our beliefs accordingly.

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