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I Ching – Book of Changes: Joseph Yu

I Ching - King Wen - 64 Hexagram arrangement

I Ching literally means the Book of Changes.

The I Ching is the most ancient book in China on analysis of the present situation with possible changes in the future.

Chinese philosophy advocates the belief that mankind is part of the Universe and that what happens in the near future can be predicted by what is currently in one’s mind.

What is in one’s mind can be transferred into apparently unrelated outcomes of a random experiment. Using the Text of I Ching these outcomes can be interpreted to predict the outcomes of various actions. Tossing coins is one such random experiment.

The original text of the I Ching is complex and profound even for the expert. I have extracted the essence of the text and made reference to our daily life experiences. The reading is then easy to understand.


The words above were written by my Teacher, Master Joseph Yu, the founder of the Feng Shui Research Center based in Markham, Ontario north of Toronto.

Master Yu also advises and teaches Feng Shui and Astrology.