Gaining a new perspective can be life-changing. I know it has been for me when I did work with great coaches such as Michael Bungay Stanier, Jose Stevens, and others. Following are a number of testimonials from clients who have gained new perspectives while working with me. As a result, they began experiencing adventures in …

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Ask Me! Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling with Richard can help you to get new perspectives and experience adventures in growth. Give Richard a call and find out how you can take steps leading to a more productive and fulfilling life with your career, in your business, and in your life in general with Richard Edward Ward. Step outside your …

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Are Your Inspirational Social Media Posts Hurting Your Career?

“Are your inspirational social media posts hurting your career?” According to Judith Humphreys the answer is a resounding ‘YES”. As the founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Humphrey Group, a premier leadership communications firm headquartered in Toronto, whose business teaches global clients how to communicate as confident, compelling leaders I suspect that she knows …

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