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Richard N. Bolles

Richard N. Bolles was an Episcopal clergyman and the author of the best-selling job-hunting book, What Color is Your Parachute?.

Richard N. Bolles - What color is Your Parachute

A member of Mensa and the Society for Human Resource Management, Richard Bolles was the keynote speaker at hundreds of conferences.

He held a bachelor’s degree cum laude in physics from Harvard University, a master’s degree from General Theological (Episcopal) Seminary in New York City, and three honorary doctorates.

Founder of Modern Career Counseling Field

Richard Bolles is credited with founding the modern career counseling field, and is often described as the field’s foremost authority.

He was also one of LinkedIn’s 300 “Influencers” or “thought leaders,” and writes regularly for the site as well as a number of others.

In 2014, he was named one of the “Wealth Wizards” in the U.S. by Forbes Magazine–along with Warren Buffett and 18 others.

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