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The Celtic Shaman (Practical Guide) by John Matthews

The Celtic Shaman (Practical Guide) by John Matthews offers a varied and easily followed plan of self-tuition for anyone interested in Celtic mythology and the Western mysteries.

Celtic Shamanism derives from the native traditions of North-West Europe including Britain, Ireland, Scotland, The Isle of Mann, and Wales.

The shamanic contribution of the Celts and their predecessors has been overlooked until recently, and is one of the last shamanic traditions to be explored.

While Celtic Shamanism shares common elements with American, Australian and Siberian teachings, it derives entirely from Celtic source material.

I have found this book to be very helpful as well as useful. It is a practical guide to delving into Celtic Shamanism.

Table of Contents – The Celtic Shaman

The Table of Contents of The Celtic Shaman provides a good window into what you will find in the book:

  • Introduction: The Shaman’s World
  • PART I: Theory
    1. Recovering your Senses
    2. Orienteering
    3. Companions of Power
    4. Meeting the Bright Ones
    5. The Great Journey
  • PART II: Practice
    1. Growing from Seeds of Light
    2. Healing the Earth and the Self
    3. The Keys of Divination
    4. Mythlines
  • Appendix 1: The Mound of the World
  • Appendix 2: The Grove of Knowledge
  • Appendix 3: Working with the Senses

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Caitlin is acknowledged as a world authority on Celtic Wisdom, the Western Mysteries and the ancestral traditions of Britain and Europe.

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