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Ask Me! Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching

Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching. Get new perspectives and experience adventures in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life with your career, in your business, and in your life in general with Richard Edward Ward.

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Step outside your mind and take a look at your world from a new perspective.

Dive into your heart and follow your dreams.

Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching can help you to tap into your intuition and see your story, and to see your environment, in a new way, and from different perspectives.

New Perspectives

A new perspective can help anyone to experience an adventure in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life with their career, in their business or finding a job.

You may be able to find new and innovative ways to solve problems as we work together. Let’s bounce some ideas around. Let’s look at things differently. Let’s explore.

You may become unstuck, get out of the rut you may be in and find that you can now follow your path to achieve your dreams.

15 Possible Adventures in Growth

We are all unique.

Clients of mine have found that Sounding Board Coaching Sessions have unlocked adventures in growth for them. Do any of the following resonate with you?

  1. Break out of deadlocked problems and find original solutions
  2. Develop strategies to cope with rapid change
  3. Follow your curiosity
  4. Stimulate your creativity
  5. Become attuned to your inner self
  6. Become more aware of your environment
  7. Make more skillful use of your energy so that you can realize your full potential
  8. Inspire thoughts and feelings
  9. Stimulate creative thinking
  10. Develop a values system
  11. Empower yourself as an individual
  12. Create a time investment portfolio
  13. Enhance personal growth and work performance
  14. Develop strategies for fighting boredom by changing your routines and expanding your interests
  15. Discover strategies for conserving inner energy by cutting down on criticism and defensiveness

Experience Your Own Adventure in Growth

Experience your own adventure in growth with Sounding Board Career Life Coaching.

If this resonates with you contact me.

I look forward to working with you to help you to get new perspectives and experience adventures in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life with your career, in your business, and in your life in general.

Ask Me! Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching

Ask Me! Intuitive Consulting Career Life Coaching - Richard Edward Ward

Republishing Beyond Motivation: The Story

This is story behind my republishing of BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay. James T. McCay was the visionary management consultant and author of the classic guide to increased productivity THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME.

The Management of Time

In 1991 when I researching and co-writing the new Introduction and Appreciation to THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME for Prentice-Hall, New Jersey I had a few conversations with Jeffrey Norton who was Jim’s publisher in 1972 for BEYOND MOTIVATION.

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Jeffery Norton

Jeffery was a wonderful, thoughtful man who was the original publisher of BEYOND MOTIVATION. And he was excited about the idea of THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME being republished so many years after Jim’s death even though he hadn’t published it.

During our conversation the idea of me republishing BEYOND MOTIVATION was discussed and Jeffery provided me with the rights to do so. Jeffery Norton was a very generous and thoughtful man.

Time Marched On

However, republishing BEYOND MOTIVATION languished in the background as we finished travelling between Toronto and Montreal to interview people who knew and worked with McCay, researching and writing the new Introduction and Appreciation.

Laurie had just moved to Toronto from Minneapolis, we were setting up Celeste Crystal Systems Inc. and opening the Reiki Store in Toronto. Life was very, very hectic – to put it mildly.

Time marched on.

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TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

In March 2000 I was stopped at a red light. It was a beautiful spring day. My daughter was home from school and we were having a great day together. Suddenly a truck rammed into the rear of my car. This accident left me with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Apart from physical damage, my mind was toast. I couldn’t remember people that I had known for more than 10 years, cognitive distortions, chaos and confusion.

Nothing was done with republishing Beyond Motivation.

Heart Attack

In 2004 I had a heart attack and was rushed Sunnybrook Hospital. I was taken to the CATHLab and had an angioplasty – a little tube is put in the artery. I survived. After a few weeks I began rehab, and Reiki treatments and shamanic healing. However, this was a major setback.

I was just getting my life back on track after having struggled through more than three years in TBI rehab and in a couple of training programs for the disabled. I had successfully launched an online job board.

Nothing was done with the book.

Life Continues

Life moved along.

When you come very, very close to dying many people reflect on their life. They often make goals. I did that. I made a list of things that I was going to do. One of my goals after the heart attack and surgery was to go to China. I had long had an interest in China and the I Ching and I had almost made it to China in 1977.


In 1976 I was planning a 1977 trip to China, that had been approved by the Government of China, to shoot a few films about the Chinese family with my friend Paul. But this project was cancelled due to the chaotic situation in China in late 1976 due to the death of Chairman Mao and the arrest of the Gang of Four.

So in 2009, five years after the heart attack and more than 30 years since my trip to China was cancelled I made my first trip to China visiting Beijing, Wuhan and Kunming.

Then, in 2011 and 2012 I made a number of trips to China, staying in Beijing. I rented an apartment near the Canadian Embassy and Sanlitun. I visited Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Urumuqi and Yantai during those years.

Publish Jim’s Book I Was Told

Sitting in my apartment in Beijing, China one morning in 2012, meditating, the following words flashed through my mind “PUBLISH JIM’S BOOK”.

The words were not whispered.

I thought about the experience later in the day but did nothing.

The same thing happened every morning for the next five days with the words flashing through my mind “PUBLISH JIM’S BOOK” as I sat meditating.

OK. OK. I got the message.

The Long & Winding Road

I began what turned out to be a long, winding, up and down process full of challenges for me. I suffer from the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from the accident in 2000 and numerous other head injuries over the previous decades so things can easily go off the rails. My mind wanders like a little kid.

While in Beijing I arranged to have the images in the book scanned. Learning to format the images and text so that I could load the book up to Amazon KDP was a major event in my life.

And I started creating files for each of the chapters by rekeying the text.

But there was lots more to learn, and do.

I also made a decision to create two editions with each edition in Kindle and ePub formats.

Two Editions

The idea of the Basic Edition preserved Jim’s unique layout and content and an Expanded Edition that that extended the Basic Edition by adding reference material so that readers could use hyperlinks to hop around the book from the various references to authors and books that Jim had made.

Wow. The idea of an Expanded Edition seemed like a simple idea but it was an idea that resulted in many, many hours and many months of research and writing for the 43 authors and 42 books referenced. And then creating all the hyperlinks, creating an index and on and on.

I needed to hand code everything in HTML to ensure that the original format and layout was preserved and then to create the hyperlinks before the manuscripts were compiled into ePub and Kindle formats. Months flew by but then everything was finally ready to be uploaded.

BEYOND MOTIVATION Basic Edition and Expanded Edition by James T. McCay were published on Smashwords and their network including Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble and others as well as amazon.com in August 2015.

Publishing BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay was the first book for my publishing company Tydbyte Media. In fact, it was really the inspiration to get going with Tydbyte Media. More books are in the works with living authors.

Thanks for the message Jim.

Only One Edition Now

Having two editions was too confusing so now there is only the Expanded Edition.

Thank you for reading

Thank you for reading about my adventure republishing BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay.

Richard Edward Ward

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Beyond Motivation

BEYOND MOTIVATION by James Tackaberry McCay with Richard E. Ward helps individuals and groups increase their productivity by recognizing that working with others is an exchange of energy.

I republished BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay in eBook format as an Expanded Edition in 2014 using my Tydbyte Media imprint.

Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay with Richard E. Ward

Available in Apple, Kindle, mobi, or ePub format:
Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Smashwords.

Discover how to recognize the direction and intensity of your own energy and the energy of others so that you can amplify positive outcomes, eliminate waste and store or redirect energy. Get, and give, more for less to each other.

BEYOND MOTIVATION is an incredibly rich work. The material in the book is presented in an easy-to-follow, readable style that makes extensive use of diagramming.

James Tackaberry McCay was a business visionary whose work with synergy, integral development, and shared consciousness was far ahead of his time. His insights and practical tools developed and refined over the years are still as useful today as they were more than fifty years ago.

The Expanded Edition preserves the original and adds reference material for each of the authors and books referenced in Beyond Motivation; an index, as well as extensive hyperlinking so you can easily surf through the book and explore.

Read parts of BEYOND MOTIVATION online at beyondmotivation.ca before you decide to buy and download it.

Visit the BEYOND MOTIVATION Facebook page at

Republishing Beyond Motivation: The Story

You can read about my journey to republish BEYOND MOTIVATION here.

The Management of Time

BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. McCay was originally published in 1970 and builds on the foundation of his classic of personal productivity THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME that was first published in 1959 and then republished by Prentice-Hall, New Jersey in 1992 with a new Introduction and Appreciation co-authored by Richard E. Ward.

Expanded Edition

The Expanded Edition contains the original content converted to and eBook format and a number of additions were by me including:

  • An Overview of THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME;
  • Short biographies of the 42 authors referenced by McCay;
  • A brief synopsis of each of the 43 publications referenced by McCay;
  • an index
  • extensive hyperlinking of the Table of Contents, index, references, synopses and biographies;

Republishing Beyond Motivation: The Story

Read my story of how I came to republish BEYOND MOTIVATION.

Beyond Motivation by James T. McCay with Richard E. Ward

Available in Apple, Kindle, mobi, or ePub format:
Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, and Smashwords.

Read parts of BEYOND MOTIVATION online at beyondmotivation.ca before you decide to buy and download it.

Visit the BEYOND MOTIVATION Facebook page at

The Management of Time

The Management of Time by James T. McCay with Richard E. Ward

When Prentice-Hall, New Jersey republished THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME by James T. McCay in 1995 I co-authored a new Introduction and Apprecation.

First published in 1959 THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME is considered a classic guide to personal time management and increased productivity.

Hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed increased productivity by reading and using the Classic Guide to increased productivity since it was first published.

Beyond Motivation

I republished BEYOND MOTIVATION by James T. MacCay in 2015 as an Expanded Edtion containing addional reference material.

I have moved the overview to the Beyond Motivation website at https://beyondmotivation.ca/beyond-motivation/the-management-of-time-an-overview/

James T. McCay

James T. McCay. Author.

James T. McCay was the chairman of Integron Associates Incorporated of Montreal, co-ordinators of integrated development projects. McCay was an imposing figure and business visionary who has been called the Guru to the Gurus who authored The Management of Time and Beyond Motivation.

Counsel on organization growth and executive development

For more than 20 years from 1953 James T. McCay acted as counsel on organization growth and executive development to some forty corporation in Canada and the United States.

Bois, McCay and Associates

In 1953 McCay formed Bois, McCay and Associates with Dr. J. S. Bois. The firm evolved into James McCay and Associates Ltd. McCay and Bois developed a series of programs for executive training as well as leading numerous seminars on self-development and the management of time.


McCay commenced planning of the Integron, 10 years later, in collaboration with famed Montreal architect Victor Prus. He travelled throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the Orient interviewing several hundred leaders in government, industry, universities, as well as researchers in the sciences of man. These travels and interviews helped McCay to nurture the growth of the Integron concept and Integral Development.

Early Life

McCay graduated from the University of British Columbia in Chemical Engineering in 1943 and promptly went to the Persian Gulf to work on an oil refinery construction project. On returning to Canada, he helped to found a company which manufactured and distributed heating equipment nationally. After that time, he practiced as a consultant to management on plant design, work analysis, and process controls.

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