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St. Andrew’s College

St. Andrew’s College, also known as SAC, is an independent school founded in 1899 located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. It is a university-preparatory school for boys in grades 5 to 12, with a focus on academic achievement, athletics, and leadership development.

St. Andrew’s College is accredited by the Canadian Educational Standards Institute and is affiliated with other associations, including CAIS, CASE, NAIS and the International Boys’ Schools Coalition (IBSC).

Visit the SAC website.

Schools Attended by Richard

Schools Attended by Richard

The purpose of this page is to provide info about the formal education that I have experienced but obviously experiencing life also provides us with understandings of many things.

I lived in a number of different Canadian cities as I was growing up and therefore attended quite a few different schools, although I am only listing those schools that I attended from high school onwards.

Before attending university I studied in a public school and then a private school where I boarded.