Spiritual Development Tools

Using Spiritual Development Tools can provide a solid foundation in helping you to grow your spiritual connections. My perspective is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth, that we are one with Spirit and one with each other. In my practice, I refer to Spirit in a number of ways including Great Spirit, God, Creator, Great Mystery, the Source of All, Infinite Mind, and so forth.

Spiritual development tools have come to us from spiritual and religious traditions going back to the dawn of time.

My goal is to introduce you to the tools that I have personally used and practiced, as well as some tools that have been recommended to me.

  • affirmations
  • awareness that we are part of nature
  • chanting
  • chakras
  • clearing
  • concentration
  • contemplation
  • grounding
  • journalling
  • mala beads
  • meditation
  • prayer
  • protection
  • Sanskrit mantra
  • spiritual discipline
  • visualization
  • walking

What’s My Spiritual Experience?

What’s my spiritual experience, and where am I coming from?

My approach to spirituality has developed over the past 70 years (I was born in in 1948). I say from birth because we are integrated into the belief systems of our family and our culture. It starts before we are actively conscious.

I come to these tools with a background as an Anglican who is a Canadian. I studied theology at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada with a goal of becomimg an Anglican priest. You can learn more details about me here.

And there have been many changes over the decades.

Underpinning my experience of this world, and my Spirituality, is that there is a Higher Power, a Great Mystery, or God that permeates this world and the Universe, and we are One with this Creator or Great Spirit. We are Spirit exploring a human experience here on planet Earth.

And we are all connected directly to Mother Earth, the Spirit of the Sun, and the Spirit of the Moon. We are spiritual beings having a human experience seeking to reconnect with the Creator and Great Spirit.

Learn More About Spiritual Development Tools

Visit the following pages to learn more about individual spiritual development tools.

Spiritual Development Tools with Richard Edward Ward
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