Spiritual Mind Treatment – 5 Step Method

The 5-Step Method of Spiritual Mind Treatment is the standard used by the Centers for Spiritual Living.

    Recognize God as the ultimate, limitless Presence and Power in the universe. God is all there is.
    After recognizing God as the ultimate Presence and Power in and through everything, you now accept that you and God are one. You know God acts through you, as you, in you, and in all life. I am one with God, now.
    Already knowing that you are part of God, you realize without doubt or reservation that the good you desire to experience is now taking form through God’s Power. I know my desire is complete and I accept.
    Having clearly stated and affirmed what you want to experience, you thankfully accept that the good you desire is yours right now. I accept and give thanks for this good right here and now.
  5. RELEASE (I Let Go and Let God)
    After thankfully accepting your good as already accomplished, you release your prayer to the activity of the Universal Law of Mind, completely freeing yourself of concern. I let go and let God. I release this truth in total belief that it is done.

At the end of every Spiritual Mind Treatment, we say the words “And so it is.

These words let us release our treatment out of our hands with total conviction that we BELIEVE and KNOW that what we desire is already done through the Power of God.


Spiritual Mind Treatments are repeat as often as needed until we receive the demonstration. Each treatment is viewed as being complete. Typically one would do a Treatment 3 times daily.

5 Steps to Freedom by Dr. John Waterhouse

5 Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment by Dr. John Waterhouse is a gem of a book that is a clear, well-organized, and beautifully articulated introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment.

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