From a shamanic point of view there are Seven Levels of Prayer. There are seven states of perception that lead to different forms of prayers and these are at times antagonist it to each other.

These different states of perception account for vastly different beliefs about reality and you will find people in every culture of the world who adhere to one or another of them. The latter ones are usually ascribed to Mystics and are more difficult for the average person to understand. At the risk of vastly oversimplifying seven states of perception corresponding levels of Prayer.

  1. Kill my enemies; be strong over them.
  2. Please don’t punish me! I’ve been bad; save me.
  3. Make me Rich! Give me, give me, give me. You were great as long as you give me.
  4. Life is so hard! Help me, give me strength, help my loved ones. You have the power to help. I am so confused! I know you were there but why don’t you help me help me, damn it?
  5. Thank you for providing for me. I love you! You are wonderful!
  6. Thank you for making me in your image. Allow me to know you more and more. I am your servant. Thy will be done.
  7. You and I are one. I am peace. Make it so. I am that. I am who I am.

The above is taken from Praying With Power: How to Use Ancient Shamanic Techniques to Gain Maximum Spiritual Benefit and Extraordinary Results Through Prayer by Jose Luis Stevens, beginning on page 8.

Some Shamanic Prayer Basics

The Seven Levels of Shamanic Prayer with Richard Edward Ward
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