5 Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment by Dr. John Waterhouse is a gem of a book that is a clear, well-organized, and beautifully articulated introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a five-step mental and spiritual thought process from Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind that first redirects harmful thinking patterns away from the problem, then places the mind in total alignment with the divine Mind through the use of self-affirming terms.

5 Steps to freedom by John Waterhouse

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5 STEPS TO FREEDOM introduces Spiritual Mind Treatment an integral part of The Science of Mind and New Thought way of life in terms that help the beginner transition from praying the traditional one-way method, to personally directing the process on a positive course of action. This proactive method of prayer looks at life with a new set of eyes, reinforcing the personal relationship with God from a fresh perspective and a new understanding.

In this book, each step is carefully considered followed by exercises that develop the personal application and expression of that step. Waterhouse explores each of the five steps with wisdom, insight and good information. He compares and contrasts old and new paradigm concepts, offers examples and exercises, and references relevant Ernest Holmes quotes at the end of each chapter.

Spiritual Mind Treatments / Affirmative Prayers

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