Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas: A Spiritual Compass for Personal Expression by Ernest Holmes with Julia Cameron.

Creative Ideas is just as inspirational and insightful today as when it was first published over 30 years ago.

Those familiar with Ernest Holmes’ writings and The Science of Mind principles that he espoused will enjoy the long anticipated reunion with some of their favorite passages; those who are new to them will delight in the discovery of these classics of New Thought.

All readers will find Holmes’ meditations to be practical, insightful, and more than satisfying food for the hungry soul.

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Julia Cameron writes in her Foreword:

It was more than 20 years ago composer Billy May handed me a copy of these pages. “They’ll change your life,” he said, a knowing twinkle. He was absolutely right. I felt the prayers stretch and unthink my mind the way a good long walk does when you finally get out of the house. I think that spiritually a lot of us live in the house of our own ideas, our limited thinking, and so much time indoors keeps us from enjoying the arched azure bowl of the sky – not to mention the grandeur and loftiness of our own true natures. Homes saw all of this.

The Artist’s Way Is Grounded On These Bedrock Principles

I’ve used these prayers write books compose music. Holmes makes The Great Creator accessible as a power within all of us. I have used these prayers for comfort at times of death and his courage in times of personal challenge – physical, financial, creative. I have found them a comfort in loss and an alchemist’s formula for making gold in the dross of disappointment. My book of creative recovery The Artist’s Way is grounded on these bedrock principles. For me, Holmes is the modest master, the spiritual magician who transforms trouble into that magical creature, Opportunity. Holmes’ optimism, like the Sacred Unicorn, is rare and real and exquisite.

“Creative Ideas hands us the keys to the kingdom. We are wealthy and beautiful beyond our dreams. This tiny book of prayers will open your heart to its natural generosity toward life. We are each far more than we imagine, and becoming that “more” is what these small prayers will bring about.”

Matthew Fox, PhD writes:

“These prayers ennoble the soul and enable one’s work in the world as well, drawing as they do on deep sources of Scriptural wisdom and the quiet insight of a great heart, that of Ernest Holmes. They awaken us and empower us to put joy before sorrow and affirmation ahead of negativity and truth before denial. Great medicine for our times!”

According to Jean Houston, PhD:

“Ernest Holmes was one of the first to direct us to what is to be found in the vast ecology of inner space . . . He shows us how to be active and creative citizens in a Universe and Innerverse richer than all previous imaginings.”

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