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True Buddha School, founded by Master Sheng-Yen Lu in 1975 in Taiwan, is a modern Vajrayana Buddhist sect with influence from Sutrayana and Taoism.

It inherits the spirit of Buddha, aiming to disseminate and spread the Right Dharma, succour all sentient beings from the cycle of birth and death, through the True Buddha School of Esoteric Dharma so that people are able to attain the realisation of their mind; and see its True Nature.

The Dharma of True Buddha School is itself very complete! beginning from the practice of Four Foundation Yoga, Guru Yoga, Deity Yoga, and Vajrayana practice, until the utmost profound Esoteric Dharma.

True Buddha School provides a comprehensive study of Taoism, Mahayana Buddhism, and Esoteric doctrines of Tibetan Buddhism, in order to explain how people can attain Enlightenment and see its Original Self Nature.

Master Sheng-Yen Lu

Living Buddha Lian Shen himself has acquired the spirit of devotion from Christianity, internal practice method from Taoism, various doctrines from the Mahayana school of Buddhism and the pure essence of Tantric practice. He hopes everybody will cultivate, attain Enlightenment, and become a Buddha.

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