Kickstart your day with My 365 Daily Inspiration

Kickstart your day with My 365 Daily Inspiration by reading and listening to words of inspiration and motivation that I refer to on a regular, and usually daily, basis.

These daily inspirations are sourced from Barbara Schreiner-Trudel, The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes, Dr. Paul Leon Masters, and Emmet Fox.

  • 365 Science of Mind
  • 365 Days of Living Richer
  • Around the Year with Emmet Fox: A Book of Daily Readings
  • Improve Your Life – Daily Audio Message with Dr. Paul Leon Masters
  • Voice of Meditation – Higher Consciousness Meditations – Dr. Paul Masters
  • Barbara Schreiner-Trudel – Morning and Evening Prayer of Gratitude – Monday to Friday

Motivational, Inspirational, books, videos, MP3s can create a positive and optimistic impact on your life.

These tools can help to boost your confidence and help in developing a positive outlook towards life; make you realize how powerful you can be in your life.

Visit My 365 Daily Inspiration .

Kickstart Your Day by Reading and Listening to My 365 Daily Inspiration - richard edward ward

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