Basic Income Canada Network – BICN

Basic Income Canada Network – BICN promotes informed, constructive public dialogue leading to a Basic Income Guarantee – BIG – in Canada. It is a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan organization that originated in 2008 in affiliation with Basic Income Earth Network at the international level.

Basic Income Canada Network – BICN is composed of people interested in basic income issues and who come from many walks of life. Members include people who are struggling to meet basic needs and those who are financially well-off. We include researchers, activists, policy analysts, professionals, business people and other people of diverse backgrounds, interests and skills.

Basic Income Canada Network is governed and led by a volunteer board of directors, and also benefits from advice from prominent people who contribute to Canada in significant ways and who support basic income.

Basic Income Canada Network believe principles including universality, non-conditionality, security, autonomy, dignity, and economic and gender equality should guide basic income dialogue and design. We encourage the development of options for consideration by Canadians; BICN does not collectively endorse any particular model or design.

Basic Income Canada Network – BICN

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