Spiritual Mind Treatment for Health

I know that is only one eternal Force, one Mind that moves through all creation as powerful, loving, joyful energy. It is the wind that whistles through the trees, it is the stream that caresses rocks as it flows, it is all that my senses can fathom, and so much more. Without this powerful creative Force, I could not be writing this or reading this now.

Because this Oneness is everywhere present, I am one with That. I am one with the infinite web of life and am connected with it All. I know that my body is an aspect and expression of the eternal One Mind, knowing Itself as my body.

Since my body is Spirit, God, expressing, it has all of the attributes, the eternal Essence of that Energetic Force. Therefore, my body swims in the ocean of oneness, the energetic force of Divine Love and manifests radiant health in every cell. I know that my body has powerful strength and stamina. Through its powerful immune system it overcomes anything other than Love. Harmonious energy moves through my body and fills every cell.

I am so thankful for living through this powerful, radiantly healthy, beautiful body and all that it provides for my life here on this plane of Reality. I am thankful knowing this truth and how it manifests as radiant health always. I release this powerful word into the Law of Manifestation, knowing that it is already done.

And so it is!

from The Science of Mind

Spiritual Mind Treatment with Richard Edward Ward

Nothing Changes in Life Until a Daily Routine is Changed

Nothing changes in life until a daily routine is changed.

Nothing changes in life until a daily routine is changed. - Rock Thomas

The purpose of your morning and evening rituals is to set and reset your internal vibration higher to attract its equivalent, to put you into a beautiful state of mind, and increase your energy level, allowing you to experience the best day possible.

Do these things and you’ll have a physical, mental, and emotional edge on your competition.

You’ll hit the day running, full of energy and determination.

Rock Thomas